EnergyPlus 2.2 released

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Features in Versions 2.2.0

Data Sets

Electronic enthalpy air-side economizer curves
Microturbine electric generators


Reference point Illuminance levels calculated by DElight now included in standard output variables.
DElight reference points now show up on DXF outputs.

Design Day

Design days now allow scheduled input for Beam and Diffuse Solar values.
Design days allow users to select periods from weather files to be used in design/sizing calculations.


Example input files created for all new features (More than 245 example input files now available). An additional set of realistic, benchmark files (15) have been added.

Zone Model

Internal gains can now be entered in intensity:
People can be entered as number of people, people/floor area or vice versa (area/person).
Lighting can be entered as total Watts, Watts/floor area or Watts/person.
Equipment (electric, gas, other) can be entered as Watts, Watts/floor area or Watts/person.

Read more for more features:

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